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Author Topic: CHINA is going to shut down  (Read 4589 times)

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June 17, 2008, 11:49:51 AM
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Cody Kemper

I just read a email that in like 23 days all of China is going to stop all factories refineries mining and anything that expells pollution due to the Olympic games. So for like 50 days or so China is going to try to minimize its pollution and some company is suppose to be behind it helping them and the stock could go up 1000%. I just read it in a email I got but the didn't say what company but when i know ill let eveyone know. I guess it does make some sense to try to clean up China. Anyone else have any thoughts on this. If its true I wonder what would happen to the stock market it China shuts down for a month and a half.  ???

June 17, 2008, 12:02:35 PM
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I dont understand how China shuts down completely for 23 days and the stock goes up???   Sounds like a scam to me.

Be careful of them e-mails, i got one saying they can make my pee pee bigger, well long story short (pardon the pun) it didnt work ::) :o

June 17, 2008, 12:15:30 PM
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Cody Kemper

HAHAHA yeah I know I guess what it is, is some type of Chinnesse company that has some rapid way to drastically reduceall the smog and air pollution. Makes sense and would be a good investment if its succesful (Im shitty at spelling) I also read that the Chinnesse Government is trying to go GREEN so we shall see I just hope if its true it doesn't screw up the US economy anymore then it is.

June 17, 2008, 12:20:31 PM
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I dont understand how China shuts down completely for 23 days and the stock goes up???   Sounds like a scam to me.

Be careful of them e-mails, i got one saying they can make my pee pee bigger, well long story short (pardon the pun) it didnt work ::) :o

Maybe not for you.... ;D

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I know not what I do.  So, I just do it....

June 20, 2008, 12:33:47 PM
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Well it may be true, you have to research it. I know all of China shuts down for 2 whole weeks, for new year celebration around february I believe. So it would not surprise me. And yes I think China is trying to go green. They got solar equipment all over the place.
shun the non believers! shuuun!!!

July 11, 2008, 03:39:18 PM
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Cody Kemper

Just got another email today saying 9 more days til it shuts down and theres 7 chinesse stocks that will make over 1000% gains we'll see.

July 11, 2008, 03:44:19 PM
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I saw something on the news about china shutting down, but i dont understand how this stock will go up 1000%. Why didnt it do up 1000% when it shut down for new years?

July 11, 2008, 03:51:32 PM
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Anyone got some names/symbols for these End of the Rainbow stocks?
Even if the news is false or biased, we can always plat the chart (if it looks good).

July 11, 2008, 05:26:37 PM
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Cody Kemper

Heres the entire email I got I barely read it but maybe theres some clues that will tell us what company it is or we'll just have to wait and see or pay for the info.

In 9 Days, 4 Chinese Stocks Will Start A Long March Higher
Early Investors Could Total 959% in Profits on
China’s “SUPERFUND” Stocks
Fellow Investor,
 On July 20, 2008, China’s busiest city, Beijing, will shut down. All construction will be halted. Cement production will stop. The quarries around the city will close their gates.
Even coal plants, which provide 70% of China’s energy, will cut production by 30%.

It’s not a religious holiday. China’s economic engine hasn’t blown a gasket.

It’s the 2008 Olympics. It starts on August 8, 2008: just 28 days from now.

But the Chinese are shutting down early to clear out the smog. In fact, they're shutting down Beijing in just 9 days: July 20, 2008. Mark your calendar.

The eyes of the world will be watching. And Chinese officials are terrified of what we’ll all see – air pollution. A thick dark cloud that hangs on Beijing like a specter.

But once the games start, the world will come face to face with something else – a new wave of fortune-making opportunity in China. Read on and I’ll show you why investors like you could make 959% in the next 18 months.

And it will all start when the Olympics come to Beijing.

Investors Will Clean Up on China’s SUPERFUND Stocks

China’s government is proud of its crown jewel city. That’s why they’re halting industrial activity. They’re desperate to improve the air quality. It would be humiliating if Olympic officials follow through on their threat to cancel certain outdoor events due to health concerns over Beijing’s filthy air.

And it’s not just Beijing that’s a problem.

The World Bank reports that 99 percent of China’s 560 million urban residents breathe air considered unsafe by the European Union standards. They are literally suffocating…

China’s Economic Disaster

Thousands of foreign investors got filthy rich as China became the world’s leading producer of steel, cement, aluminum, cars, TVs, cameras, you name it.

I’m sure quite a few Chinese made a pretty penny while 2,000 woefully inefficient coal plants belched deadly levels of sulfur dioxide into the air.
Heck, over the years my readers made plenty of money from China Life, Petrochina, China Natural Gas, and many more.

But all those billions in profits have come with a steep environmental cost. I mean, 750,000 Chinese die a year from air pollution.

China’s poisoned environment is a tragedy of epic proportion. Fortunately, there’s an upside for profit-minded investors…  

Coal: Dirty Past, Clean Future

You probably already know about China and coal. China burns more coal than the U.S., Europe and Japan – combined. That’s because 70% of its insatiable demand for electricity comes from burning coal.

Not only does sulfur dioxide poison China’s air and lead directly or indirectly to 750,000 deaths in China each year, much of the pollution that hangs over Los Angeles originates in China!
Sure coal is a cheap way to generate electricity. It’s far cheaper than oil. But it’s also far dirtier.

When you burn coal, sulfur dioxide is released. And sulfur dioxide is one of the most poisonous fossil-fuel gases. In 2006, China’s factories poured 24 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the air.

High levels of airborne mercury, ozone and carbon dioxide in Oregon are believed to come from China.  

And it all soaks into the soil and groundwater every time it rains. China’s pollution is a global problem. But fortunately, you can make a lot of money on the SUPERFUND stocks as China cleans up its act. It’s a win-win situation.

Here’s just one example of the profits you stand to rake in from China’s SUPERFUND stocks…

SUPERFUND Stock #1 – A +391% Winner

One of these SUPERFUND stocks currently trades for under $5 a share and is one of China’s biggest makers of Dimethyl ether.

China’s SUPERFUND Initiative

On December 11, 1980, the U.S. Congress passed the SUPERFUND bill, which was to provide liability laws and resources for cleaning up some of America’s most polluted areas.

China recently adopted its own version of SUPERFUND laws. The National Climate Change Program is designed to provide the capital to change China’s economy to promote clean technologies and better energy efficiency.

It’s already working…

In 2007, emissions of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in China decreased by 4.66 percent over 2006.

In 2005, China enacted the world’s strictest fuel-efficiency and emissions standards for vehicles. 96 percent of America’s SUVs would fail.

In January 2006 China’s State Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) halted $14 billion worth of large infrastructure projects for environmental concerns.

In February 2006, China passed its first law requiring utilities to purchase renewable energy.

As part of the 11th 5 Year Plan, China planned to increase ethanol production capacity to 6 million tons by 2010. By the end of 2006, the first year of the plan, ethanol capacity was 10 million tons.

China has even banned those annoying thin plastic bags you get at the grocery store! The country was going through 1.75 billion of them a year!
At Rising Star Stocks, we’ve built a portfolio of small undiscovered Chinese alternative energy stocks. We call it the SUPERFUND portfolio. These are the stocks that will post exponential price gains as they help China clean up its environment.
If you don’t know, and not many investors do, Dimethyl ether is a clean-burning fuel. China thinks Dimethyl ether has an important future as a cheaper alternative to liquefied petroleum gas.

It won’t be long before many Chinese are using Dimethyl ether for cooking and heating. And in time, Dimethyl ether could replace diesel in many of China’s commercial and private vehicles.

I uncovered a little $5 SUPERFUND stock that’s making Dimethyl ether in China. My analysts have a 12-month $8.25 price target on this stock. I’m sure we’d all be very happy with a 65% gain on a stock. But honestly, if you know any analysts, you know they like to play it safe…

I’m convinced that as investors discover this stock’s potential, 65% gains will be an afterthought. You see, this company will triple its Dimethyl ether capacity in the next 11 months. Revenues will grow from $64 million to $158 million.

I expect the stock to be well over U.S. $25 a share for a 391% gain for early investors!

Now there’s one thing I haven’t told you about Dimethyl ether – it can be made from coal!

That’s right, coal. China’s got plenty of it. In fact, according to the most recent study from China’s General Geological Bureau, China has 5,570 billion tons of coal in the ground.

And this little SUPERFUND stock will turn dirty, smelly coal into clean burning fuel for China – and sweet-smelling profits for you!

The Countdown to the Biggest Investment Opportunity this Century has Begun!  

That’s why I can’t wait for the Olympics to start. I’m sure we’ll all see some pretty bleak footage of China’s devastated environment. But I expect we’ll also hear plenty about China’s newfound environmental awareness.

China’s government has committed over $314.5 billion dollars to fix its environmental problems. Solar power, wind power, water purification, clean burning fuels, bio-diesel, nuclear – you name it, China’s investing in it.

By the time the stock market opens on August 11, 2008 (the first full trading day after the Olympics start), investors around the world will be clamoring for the SUPERFUND stocks that will help clean up China.

Stock prices for China’s SUPERFUND stocks will get ramped sky high. Savvy investors must get positioned now to own these SUPERFUND stocks before the run-up begins.

All you have to do is understand that China is serious about fixing its environmental problems…

Make 959% as China Cleans Up Its Act

You won’t need a few hundred thousand dollars to take advantage of this opportunity. These are small publicly traded companies – companies on the verge of a massive profit expansion as China devotes billions to clean its environment.

Even a few thousand to invest could mean a better retirement for you. I expect a $5,000 investment could grow to $50,000, $60,000, even $100,000 over the next few years.

How sure am I that you’ll make money from these SUPERFUND stocks? I’m so certain that these SUPERFUND stocks will double your money (or more), that I’m issuing my first ever “Double Your Money or It’s Free Guarantee.”*

I’ll fill you in on the details of my guarantee a little later.

But first, I want to make sure you understand why the Chinese governments’ newfound environmental awareness is like a new law, a law that virtually guarantees profit for investors like you.        

China’s “Green Laws” Guarantee Profits for Investors

China’s $314.5 Billion SUPERFUND will help reverse decades of environmental degradation – and virtually assure early investors 959% gains!

$14.5 billion to clean up one of China’s biggest reservoirs

$10 billion investment for clean energy technology

$85 billion to clean up water pollution

$80 billion to lower air pollution

$125 billion to improve sewage treatment and infrastructure
That’s $314.5 billion earmarked for companies that many investors have never heard of. Rising Star Stocks SUPERFUND portfolio rips the lid off one of the most exciting – and profitable – investment opportunities ever!
Yes, China’s government has finally wised up. It’s going “green.” And the companies that help clean up China’s hazy skies and murky waters will see profits go off the charts.

The thing about China is, the government is all-powerful. It usually does what it says it will. It can be brutally efficient.

In 1978, China decided to modernize. China’s averaged double-digit growth ever since, and the poverty rate has dropped form 53% to under 8%.

In the 1980s, China declared it would revamp its economic system and join the World Trade Organization. In 2002, it became the 143rd member.

In 1993, China vowed to put a man in space. 10 years later, astronaut Yáng Lìwěi circled the earth 14 times.

So now that China has set its sights on fixing the environment and raising the quality of life for its 1.2 billion citizens, prudent investors should be on green profit alert.

Because when China it tells companies to buy electricity from a state-owned wind-farm, you can bet your bottom dollar those companies will do it!

And if you buy the right stocks – the SUPERFUND stocks that will rake in billions as China reverses years of environmental damage – it’ll be like banked profits for you.

SUPERFUND Stock #2 – A +218% Winner

When the world tunes in to the 2008 Summer Olympics, one of the first things they’ll see is Beijing’s National Indoor Stadium. I can already imagine the TV camera focusing in on the roof as the commentator points out the 1,124 solar panels on the roof.

My team of top-notch analysts uncovered one of China’s leading solar energy companies. The stock currently trades for about $14 a share.

This little dynamo stock is aiming right for the jugular of China’s untapped solar energy market. The company is expected to grow revenues by 50% this year and next year.

If you’re like me, you can imagine what will happen to this stock’s price when investors get wind of these growth rates.

But honestly, if all you do is knock down a 100% winner here, I’ll be disappointed. I’ve got my sights set higher. Much higher.  

You see, this company currently does $234 million in revenue. 24 months from now, revenues should hit $526.5 million. This stock would have to jump 218% -- just to trade at a 50% discount to its peers!

238% to 1,016% Gains in 18 Months…or Less!

Most investors are well aware of the potential for “alternative energy” stocks. Just check out some of these top-performing alternative energy stocks.

First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR) – up 1,016% in 18 months
Itron (NASDAQ:ITRI) – up 460% in 36 months
Valence Technology (NASDAQ:VLNC) – up 485% in 12 months
Ormat Technology (NYSE:ORA) – up 238% in 38 months
Akeena Solar (NASDAQAKNS) – up 465% in 10 months
Sunpower (NASDAQ:SPWR) – up 566% in 12 months
Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ:PEIX) – up 412% in 12 months

You’ll notice that all these stocks trade on major exchanges. You don’t see China in their names. And they’ve all made some pretty profitable runs higher. In other words, these stocks have been “discovered”.

When investors think of Chinese stocks, most still think commodity and oil stocks. Nobody’s looking for stocks like China’s SUPERFUND stocks.

China’s SUPERFUND stocks don’t trade at the New York Stock Exchange. Only two of them trade on the Nasdaq. These SUPERFUND stocks have unlimited profit potential for investors who get in now, before Wall Street discovers what I already know.

And that’s why there’s so much money to be made by savvy investors who realize the full potential of this opportunity.

But you’ve got to own these stocks before the Olympics begin in Beijing. Because once word gets out to the investment community, these stocks are going to launch like a Chinese New Year rocket!

I’ll tell you exactly how you can buy these publicly traded SUPERFUND stocks in just a minute. But first, let me introduce myself…

1,773% Gains from “Unknown” Clothing Company

Hi, I’m Ian Wyatt. I’m the Chief Investment Strategist for Rising Star Stocks. A few years back, I discovered a small clothing boutique that was starting to sell blue jeans to movie stars.

I recommended the stock to my readers for the unbelievably low price of $1.13 a share. Today, those shares are worth over $22. That’s a 1,773% gain!

My readers bought Nuance Communications at $5.33 a share. The stock currently trades above $20. I told them to buy Globalscape at $1.03 a share. They sold those shares for $5.50 apiece.

Needless to say, Rising Star Stocks has made a lot of investors very happy. And very wealthy.

So far this year, Rising Star Stocks has recommended 7 stocks and they’re all showing gains. The year’s top recommendation is up 54% in just over a month!

Of course, not all Rising Star Stocks are winners. But you’d have to go all the way back to November of 2007 to find our last loser. Our readers have gotten used to that kind of performance. And I’m sure you’ll get used to it once you get a couple winners under your belt – and there will be no better way to start than with our SUPERFUND stocks.

Big Gain Hunting: The Next 1,773% Winner

At Rising Star Stocks, we’re big gain hunters. Every month, we painstakingly scour nearly 3,800 stocks. Then we bring you the two stocks that have the best potential to be the next 1,773% winner. These are the Rising Stars of the stock market.

Of course, not all of our Rising Star Stocks will bring you quadruple-digit gains. Some will only return 90% in a few months, like Amtech Systems (NASDAQ:ASYS). Or 82% like Neo Material Technologies (Toronto:NEM.TO). Or 69% like Bolt Technology (NASDAQ:BOLT).

I think you’ll agree, gains like these could make a huge difference for your net worth. In fact, Rising Star Stocks has trounced every conceivable benchmark by a wide margin since it began in 2004. You won’t find a single mutual fund that can match our performance year after year.

And I’ll wager that once you start reading Rising Star Stocks, you’ll be with us for a very long time. Because as an investor, you know how hard it is to churn out winners month after month, year after year.

Over the years, I’ve made money on every type of stock you can imagine. Blue chips, mid-caps, oil stocks, tech stocks, you name it. But micro-cap stocks are my passion. Why?

Because No Stocks Reward Hard Work Like Micro Cap Stocks

Just check my track record for Rising Star Stocks. The numbers are big – 237%, 314% 119%, 139%, 375%, even 1,773%.

I’m not here to brag. I don’t want to rub your nose in it. I want you to make these kinds of gains, too. That’s why I’m writing you about China’s SUPERFUND stocks.

SUPERFUND STOCKS #3 – A +187% Total Winner

The Olympic Village in Beijing will house 16,800 athletes from around the world. All of the hot water these athletes use will come from solar-powered hot water heaters.

SUPERFUND stock #3 makes solar powered hot water heaters and biomass boilers. In China, where only 10% of rural homes have hot water, solar powered heaters are a $2.7 billion market!

This $1.90 SUPERFUND stock is sitting at the forefront of a huge market opportunity, and a huge run up in stock price. Annual revenues are growing at a 73% clip. Earning are doing even better, up 104%. And yet it still trades with a P/E of around 13.  

Again, my analysts are playing it safe with a 12-month $3.25 price target. And that’s fine. No one will complain about a 71% gain. To me, a 71% gain means this stock is just getting warmed up. The stock has traded as high as $3.50 back in January!

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. In a few months, when the Olympics start, you know we'll hear plenty about China's "green" technology, like the solar hot water heaters in the Olympic Village. Investors around the world clamor for China’s clean energy stocks. They’ll be “discovered” virtually overnight.  

Right now, only one Wall Street analyst covers this stock. And he calls it a “speculative buy”, with a price target of $5.46. That’s a 187% gain! I don’t think there’s anything speculative about this company. With China’s solar energy market expected to grow at 15% annual clip for the foreseeable future, even 187% is a conservative estimate for this stock.

That’s why I put it in the China SUPERFUND portfolio. I’ve run the numbers over and over. And I can’t see how you won’t double your money – at least – from any one of these undiscovered SUPERFUND stocks.



July 11, 2008, 05:35:49 PM
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I know not what I do.  So, I just do it....

July 23, 2008, 04:01:11 PM
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cody are like stupid or something? ;D dont tell me you believe that crap.

July 23, 2008, 04:02:07 PM
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have those rainbow stocks gone up 1000% ;D

July 23, 2008, 04:31:34 PM
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Cody Kemper

cody are like stupid or something  dont tell me you believe that crap.
I believe you mean Cody are you like stupid or something. No I just spread the stock crap email I get and share with everyone else its all pump and dump but Im sure theres some truth to China trying to clean up before the Olympics. I just read a article that said that have temporarly banned the eating or serving dogs and cats where the games are to be held since it would upset most athletes. A few hours later the price of dog and cat meat dropped. ;D

July 23, 2008, 04:41:13 PM
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im in the mood for some dog and cat meat. ???

buddy, lay off the crack :o

i'll stop smoking crack if only you stop. ;D

(johndoe starts to grind up his rocks,  as he is about to smoke his crack) :o :o :o :o :o