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Author Topic: All my stocks are down down down!!!  (Read 5857 times)

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February 27, 2008, 02:53:55 PM
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February 27, 2008, 03:11:36 PM
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don't worri tik it will go up really soon.. i'm in this with ya!

February 27, 2008, 03:21:09 PM
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For now it okay, playing with the house money.

But for how long huh!!!!

It's all good, how does your stocks look?

February 27, 2008, 03:35:19 PM
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i bought JUNI at 0.0008 and MSTF at 0.007...

February 27, 2008, 03:42:52 PM
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For now Enough said!!!! ;)

February 29, 2008, 11:44:38 AM
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Cody Kemper

I'm down -75.24% in SMWF after a reverse split. I had 1,000,000 shares now i only have 1,000.

February 29, 2008, 12:17:56 PM
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That Sucks, I hate to hear stories like that.   >:(

What do we do, just learn from our lessons. 
Theirs lot of money to be made in the market,just have to be patienced and not greedy.

Hard to do sometimes.
Seems everytime I buy a stock it goes down, and whatever I didn't buy goes up!

I hate this guessing game sometimes, all my stocks are in the red.

Even the big ones.

February 29, 2008, 02:23:25 PM
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In the end, folks, it's a form of gambling.  You are not going to win every hand every time.  While the odds are a bit more on our side if you have done your homework than in a casino, it's still a risk.  Bad decisions can lose you thousands and good ones can make you even more.   Take the time to learn more about this, study up on the trends and learn from doc, don't be clones and only invest in what he invests in, he's here teaching everyone how to make money and that shouldn't just stop on his advice alone.  Take his advice and learn from his techniques and look at other stocks out there.  How do you think he finds his stocks?? by searching around and doing his homework on each one.  Do the same and you may be telling us all how to make money in the future.

Another key thing to remember is that you have an impact on each and every stock your in.  It's not like our voting system when a canidate may win the popular vote but not win the election, if you sell your stock and people around you are selling the same stock, that stock is going to go down... so think about your trades when you do them, every time you sell off 500,000 shares, your telling someone else to sell off theirs.  If you saw your stock plummeting cause people were selling, well you would sell too.  Now if you had enough foresight to not sell and hold, you may have just prevented 5 other people from selling and so forth.  it's a domino effect people.  You buy, more people are going to buy, some will sell but alot will hold.  play this game cold as doc has said before.  It's the only way to make money.

February 29, 2008, 03:42:02 PM
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My God the market is down 300 points, what's wall street so upset about.

It's been the same BS for months now.
How can we be postive for 3 days and then lose so much points.

This is a way for wall street big boys to push the market down,so they can come in and buy everything for cheap and then of course push it back up.

We get it okay housing market down, credit crunch, and sub prime mess.

Lets move on folks. >:(

February 29, 2008, 03:56:30 PM
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It's friday, historically fridays... well, suck

wait till monday, I never make a move on Friday unless a gun is pointed at my head.

March 06, 2008, 02:41:11 PM
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Cody Kemper

Im only up in GSPG. I think I win the "Worlds Worst Investor Award" So if any RICH investor wants to adopt a nice 22 year old college kid LET ME KNOW.
 >:( :( ??? :-[  :-\ :'(
BLACKHAWK FD COM NEW  -$413.99  -34.10%

DEALERADVANCE INC COM -$187.00  -48.32%

IVOICE TECHNOLOGY INC CL A   -$77.00 -43.50%

JETBLUE AWYS CORP  -$65.50 -29.77%

JUNIPER GROUP INC COM PAR $0.001 NEW 2003   -$314.00 -17.31%

MED GEN INC COM PAR $0.0001  -$110.00 -35.48%

NATUREWELL INC  -$110.00 -52.38%

NEXIA HOLDINGS INC  -$77.00 -79.38%

SENKESS WI FI INC COM NEW -$150.00 -71.43%


SEAWAY VY CAP CORP -$27.00 -3.15%

SYNDICATION INC COM  -$67.00 -45.58%


March 06, 2008, 03:18:15 PM
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Okay here's my list Keep in mind that right now I am playing with the houses money, but for not much longer.

CYBL bought at 0.026 down 82.80
JUNI bought at average 0.0008 down 650.00
MSFT bought at average 27.80 down 200
PTSH bought at average 0.0033 up 60
SWVC bought at average 0.0085 down 194.00
MSTF bought at 0.0055 up 200
VCLK bought at average 20.00 down 1500.00

So as you can see all suck suck sucks.

I am here to stay, try to keep your head up.  It's hard but remember it's only on paper.

March 06, 2008, 03:41:36 PM
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Cody Kemper

VCLK ouch that sucks down$1,500. well lets see I just put an order in for DIAAF for 1,250,000 shares at a limit of 0.0009.

March 06, 2008, 03:49:22 PM
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Yes I bought 1200 shares of it, this sucker will pop to about 24.00 by next week.  I will make some big money off of this one.
Just have to be patienced.  Over the past 6 months VCLK has made me about over 10,000.00 and so I don't mind being this down.

I know that's it's only on paper.  When the market shoots back up all's will be okay.  On VCLK I have about 24,0000 invested in it.
Now this sucker is at 18.00 god if I would have waited I would have made a killing, but this stock has not been down to this point in a long long time. All online sectors were downgraded cause of Goog.

All is good I am not worried, I have a stop market set at 17.00 if I lose all good it's VCLK money anyways.  But like I said not for much longer.

March 06, 2008, 06:29:24 PM
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I know not what I do.  So, I just do it....